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Strategic Plan

CoverImage.jpgCurrent Plan

Explore our ongoing strategic commitments and outcomes, as well as our current year strategic focus areas in our 2017-2022 Strategic Plan.


Initial Plan Creation

In November 2006, the Board of Trustees of the International School of Monterey officially launched a strategic planning process that targeted a finished product in 15 months. The Strategic Planning Committee of the Board created an initial planning document in December 2006 to provide structure for the process. Over the course of the 15 months, the committee continually revised the document, morphing it from a planning document to a final plan. The board approved the original strategic plan at its January 26, 2008 annual retreat.


Annual Plan Renewal

The ISM strategic plan continues to evolve. The initial 2008-2012 plan focused on where the school would go in the next five years, and specified actionable and assessable priorities for the first year of the plan. Each fall, the Strategic Planning Committee of the ISM Board reconvenes a Strategic Advisory Team to do two things: 
1) determine whether or not the strategic commitments and strategic outcomes in the plan need revision before extending the life of the plan one more year; 2) set out new strategic focus areas for the ensuing year. (NOTE: Through fall 2010, the Strategic Advisory Team set out new priorities for the ensuing year rather than one-year focus areas.) The Board, Committee, and Team solicit input from the entire ISM Community via email, surveys, and open meetings. Thus, this remains a living plan, always looking five years out while specifying immediate strategic focus areas. 



ISM publishes the current version of the plan each spring here on the website following approval by the Board. The school also publishes and promotes mechanisms for stakeholders to get involved both in ongoing planning and in action around current focus areas. If you are interested, email us anytime to find out how you can get involved.

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