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How to Give

Students celebrate their success.

Since opening in 2001, ISM has established a strong tradition of giving by the families of our students as well as philanthropic foundations, corporations, and individuals in our community. Their combined efforts make it possible for us to offer private-school quality teaching and learning when public funding falls far short of reaching that goal.

Family Giving

Our families contribute both time through our Family Hours request and money through voluntary contributions made to the Annual Fund run by the ISM Foundation. Both make a big difference for our students and school. The hours save us money by eliminating the need to hire more staff or contract for services in order to get everything done. The money pays for value-add programs that lie at the heart of what we do though we do not receive sufficient public monies to pay for them. These include:

  • Visual arts and performing arts for every student
  • Spanish language instruction from kindergarten to 8th grade
  • Physical education taught by a specialist
  • An enhanced math program with smaller class sizes in 7th and 8th grades

For more information on family giving, please contact the Director of Development.

Philanthropic Support

Our supporters provide grants and donations that primarily help to cover the costs of the same value-add programs for families with limited ability to contribute financially themselves. As such, they make all the difference in making a world-class international school education available to families in our community regardless of their means.

To learn more about our mission and programs to see how they align with your charitable priorities, please contact the Director of Development.