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The International School of Monterey opened in 2001 as the 429th charter school authorized in the state of California. This means that ISM went through a very thorough application process that held the school founders accountable for planning teaching and instruction based on a sound educational model and for meeting a number of other operational expectations as detailed in the charter proposal. This process resulted in authorization as an independent charter school by the Monterey Peninsula Unified School District.

Subsequently, amid ever-increasing requirements and expectations for charter schools, ISM has successfully renewed its charter twice in keeping with the state requirement to do so every five years. The current charter authorizes the school through spring 2021.


The California Charter School Movement

The California Charter Schools Association provides extensive resources for those interested in charter schools in our state. As a member school, we have provided links to some of the specific CCSA resources below including links to ISM stories and features on their website. You will find much more by exploring the Understanding Charters section of the CCSA website.


CCSA Understanding Charter Resources

Charter Schools FAQ

Dispelling Myths About Charter Schools


ISM Stories & Features on the CCSA Website

Student advocacy feature

Ocean Guardian School spotlight

ISM member school listing in the CCSA directory

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