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IB Middle Years Programme

Middle Years Programme Around the World


Middle Years Programme at ISM

In grades 6 through 8, units of inquiry are taught throughout the different subjects. Individual subject teachers make interdisciplinary connections throughout the curriculum using larger concepts where similarities appear within different subjects. State standards, including new Common Core State Standards, help shape the curriculum. In the MYP the standards are incorporated into five Areas of Interaction at each grade level. The five Areas of Interaction that serve as the framework for the MYP curriculum are: approaches to learning (ATL), community and service, health and social education, environments, and human ingenuity. Units of inquiry in the MYP are regularly reflected upon by teachers and students, and adjustments are continually made to strengthen and enhance the learning experience for all students

Course Syllabi

Subject Group Grade 6 Grade 7 Grade 8
Arts 6th Arts 7th Arts 8th Arts
Design 6th Design 7th Design 8th Design
English Language Arts 6th English Language Arts 7th English Language Arts 8th English Language Arts
Humanities 6th Humanities 7th Humanities 8th Humanities
Mathematics 6th Math Math 7  ~  Algebra Math 8  ~  Geometry
Physical Education 6th PE 7th PE 8th PE
Science 6th Science 7th Science 8th Science
Spanish 6th Spanish 7th Spanish 8th Spanish