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ASI Documents

After-School International

After-School International begins daily at 2:30pm for kindergarteners and 3:10pm for grades 1-8, with flexible schedules ending as late as 6:00pm.



For K-2 students, After-School International (ASI) combines an exciting mix of IB learner profile inspired themed activities and games each day. ASI provides participants with a variety of rich opportunities, that are vibrant and relevant to their lives. We also stress good communication, teamwork, perseverance, problem solving, and conflict management.


3-8 Homework Lab

The ASI Homework Lab provides the opportunity for grade 3-8 students to work in a homework-friendly environment, while being able to utilize available resources on campus. We staff the Homework Lab with individuals who are there specifically to help students use these tools. The staff is also available to guide students through assignments and help them stay on task, so that students can complete their work. 

Please note, the ASI Homework Lab is NOT a tutoring program.


Sign Up

An optional paid service that complements the regular educational program at ISM, ASI is open only to currently enrolled ISM students.* To sign up for ASI, please fill out our online 2019-2020 Initial Contract Form. Once we have received your contract, we will contact you to confirm that your paperwork is complete and the amount you will owe for the first month of care. 

*ISM offers ASI as a paid program that is not part of the regular educational program guaranteed by the State of California. As such, ASI access is not guaranteed to any individual. ISM reserves the right to limit the number of participants on a first-come, first-served basis depending on available staffing and facilities. ISM also reserves the right to temporarily or permanently deny further services at any time based on parent failure to pay for services, student failure to comply with behavior expectations, or any other failure to comply with program expectations. 


Additional Information

For complete details on After-School International, please read our Parent Handbook, which includes the ASI fee schedule.

If you then have questions, please contact program coordinator Eddie Edwards at or 831-583-2151 from August through June. If you need assistance during July, please call the front office at 831-583-2165.