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2019-2020 End-of-Year Student Surveys

In grades 3-8, your homeroom/advisory teacher will schedule time for your class to complete the 2020 year-end student survey by 3pm, Wednesday, June 3. All students in your class should complete the survey online during your teacher's chosen time.

There are separate multiple choice surveys for PYP (grades 3-5) and MYP (grades 6-8), and a single open-ended survey for all students.

To complete your surveys, follow these simple steps or whatever instructions your teacher gives you:

  1. Go to (this page)
  2. Select Grade 3-5 survey or Grade 6-8 survey]
  3. Complete the multiple-choice survey
  4. Raise your hand if you need help understanding a question or answer
  5. Select Open-ended feedback
  6. Provide your thoughts about ISM in general and Distance Learning in particular