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Shopping for ISM

This month's big opportunity is...

Box Tops for Education program was started in 1996 to help support and benefit America schools. As apart of the program General Mills cereal signed to participate in the program. By 1998 over 30,000 schools were clipping to earn money for their schools and now over 90,000 schools participate in the Box Top for Education program and have raised $868 million. Today you can see Box Tops on over 100 different products in the stores besides General Mills cereal. You can click to see a full list of Box Top participating product.  

Each Box Top is worth 10 cents and every 50 Box Tops collected is $5 towards school funding for student computers, library resources, field trips, playground equipment, classroom materials in art, music, and gym. 

ISM is a Box Top school! Our goal is set at the beginning of the school year and we collect all through the year and send in Box Tops twice a year for earring deadlines. Last school year 2018-2019 we received over 5,000 box tops from our ISM Community during the 3-month Box Top Challenge an raised $550 for ISM. Just think of what we could raise collecting all year long! 

Box Tops for Education logoOngoing ISM Opportunities

Often when you shop you can generate funds for ISM at the same time without increasing your spending. Companies simply offer to pay forward, to a nonprofit of your choice a percentage of whatever you spend. We appreciate all members of the ISM community leveraging these nickel and dime funding opportunities to collectively generate thousands of dollars in support for our school. Even better, convince your relatives and friends to support us, too. We don't want you to buy anything you wouldn't otherwise buy, or to increase your spending. Just sign up to give ISM a share.

The following table lists ongoing opportunities for you to participate. The typical burden on you will be as simple as signing up or clipping things.

Thanks for taking the time in advance!

Opportunity Steps to Participate ISM Contact & Codes
Box Tops for Education

Look for the Box Tops for Education logo while or after you shop.

Clip box tops periodically or throughout the year.

Bring box tops to school and drop off with homeroom teacher or at the front office.

If you like you can also sign up for special coupons and promotions on the Box Tops website to do even more.


ISM Parent Coordinator: 

Volunteer Position OPEN                                                                                


Signup. It's FREE! Select ISM as the beneficiary.

Shop. Select Northern California as your region. You'll find SaveMart, FoodMaxx & Food4Less among the partners as well as some local restaurant. 

Make money for ISM. View your monthly purchase reports and check the eScrip website for special opportunities to earn 2.5% cashback rewards to ISM when you use your cards linked to your eScrip account. You can also earn another 2.5% when leaving restaurant reviews.


School ID: 6750341

Amazon Smile

Signup and register ISM to your AmazonSmile account.

Just click on the supporting selection and type in our name, click add charity and your all set when shopping.

 AmazonSmile donates 0.5% of your shopping proceeds to ISM.


ISM Parent Coordinator: 

Volunteer Position OPEN 

Office Depot


Stop by the ISM office to pick up a program card.   

Present your card when shopping at Office Depot.



School ID: 70117720

Empties 4 Cash

Bring empty printer cartridges and old cell phones to the ISM front office.

Deposit them in the bins to the right just inside the front door, Thank you!

JCPenney / IZOD

Get program details online.  

Purchase IZOD-approved schoolwear at or any JC Penney store.

Turn your original receipts into the ISM office.


School ID: 822-250-035

Land's End for School The rebate program benefits ISM; all you have to do is create an account with Land's End, search for ISM under school uniforms with Preference Number 900068875 and shop for ISM. 

School ID: 900068875






More Opportunities

If you are aware of more passive fundraising opportunities such as these, please email our Advancement Assistant. We will consider any ongoing program that pays dividends to ISM without asking our school families to spend more or to take repetitive action. Because one-day events such as promotional nights at restaurants do not meet these criteria (i.e. they ask for families to go out to dinner when they otherwise probably would not), we do not participate in them. We also do not sign up for online contests based on the number of visits to a website (i.e. a repetitive action).