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Staff Directory


Every member of our team is a teacher to our students and helps foster “a world of understanding” every day!  Click on each staff member's name below to find out more about each of us!





Campus Support

Allen Jessica Head of School 583-2169
Wichael-Loomis Lisa
Head of Operations and HR
Hirschfield Scott Head of Development, Finance, and Compliance 583-2166
Graham Tina
Bookkeeper and Payroll  
Brewster Iris Assistant Head of Development 583-2165
Barlow Rick IB Coordinator 583-2164
Mullen Ryan Assistant Principal for School
Culture & Community
Murphy Heather School Counseling Services 583-2165
Kushel Karen Data and Enrollment Manager 583-2171
Garrett Kisha
Office Manager  
Gonzalez Monica  Assistant Office Manager 583-2165
Ricardez Israel
Facilities and Safety Supervisor  
White Angelo Lead Custodian 583-2165
Arzadon Alan Assistant Custodian 583-2165
Miles Darnell Systems Technician 583-2165
Bumper Terry Meal Program Manager 583-2165
Wasson Sharon Meal Program Assistant 583-2165



Educational Support

Sierra Cristina Kindergarten A 583-2165
Lemus Gupta Fatima Kindergarten B 583-2165
Zalat Dania 1st Grade A 583-2165
Bence Ben 1st Grade B 583-2165
Cornfield Clint 2nd Grade A 583-2165
Peters Barbara 2nd Grade B 583-2165
Wendt Katelyn 3rd Grade A 583-2165
Houseman Jenna 3rd Grade B 583-2165
Bremer Lucy 4th Grade A 583-2165
Kudrav Mark 4th Grade B 583-2165
Alomari Tara 5th Grade A 583-2165
Schneider Thomas 5th Grade B 583-2165
Haro Micheyla 6th Grade A & 6 Language A / Humanities 583-2165
Vickers Heather 6th Grade B & 6 Math / Science 583-2165
Mentor Peter 7th Grade A & 7-8 Language A 583-2165
Aguilar Rivera Mariana 7th Grade B & 7-8 Humanities 583-2165
Hofsteen Alex 8th Grade A & 7-8 Science 583-2165
Andreiu Carlos 8th Grade B, 8 Math & 6/8 Design 583-2165
Milam Cassie 7 Math & 7 Design 583-2165
Lopez Francisco 6-8 Spanish 583-2165
Navarrete Lucia 3-5 Spanish 583-2165
Wahl Marissa K-2 Spanish 583-2165
Young Dorian K-8 Performing Arts 583-2165
Welch Karen K-8 Visual Arts 583-2165
Cohen Aidan K-8 Visual Arts 583-2165
Fabry Robby K-8 Physical Education 583-2165
Orellana Maria Kinder Instructional Aide 583-2165
Raph Hilary Grade 1 Instructional Aide 583-2165
Burns Lily Grade 2 Instructional Aide 583-2165
Wang Li-Te MYP Math Instructional Aide 583-2165
Lin Sonia Intervention Specialist 583-2165
Milligan Edie Intervention Specialist 583-2165
Quirit Russo Marina Director of Special Education and School Psychologist 583-2165
Rico Ted K-8 Educational Specialist/ Resource Instructor 583-2165
Garcia Jennifer K-8 Educational Specialist/ Resource Instructor 583-2165
Gil Daverle Resource Aide 583-2165
Pantoja Maria Resource Aide 583-2165  
Flynn Kristy Speech Pathologist 583-2165
Bird Shanna Occupational Therapist 583-2165
Edwards Eddie After-School International Coordinator & Recess Supervisor 583-2165