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Outlined here are the three requirements for becoming an authorized driver, with current links to the Volunteer Driver Authorization and Pledge form, which needs to be completed/updated each school year as well as the online SafeSchools Defensive Driver course.  Please refer to this document -- and not any previous communication with expired links -- to access the Pledge form and the online course. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.  Thank you!
Diana Silva
Office Manager & Family Liaison
International School of Monterey
Tel: 831-583-2110

Fieldtrip Drivers

Requirements for Volunteer Fieldtrip Drivers

Thank you for being willing to serve as a chaperone/driver for ISM fieldtrips. To serve as an approved ISM chaperone/driver you will need to complete all of the following:

  1. Submit a completed ISM LiveScan Fingerprint Form at a LiveScan provider office (once only)
  2. Complete the Volunteer Driver Application & Pledge Form (each year)
  3. Complete an Online Defensive Driving Course (every three years)
  4. Show copies of your license, registration, and proof of insurance to the teacher in charge before leaving on a fieldtrip (every trip)

1. LiveScan Fingerprint Form

We require that each volunteer working directly with students, including volunteer drivers, complete livescan fingerprinting that generates California Department of Justice (DOJ) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) criminal background checks. Because it includes automatic reporting of criminal record changes in the future, this one-time check covers your entire time of service to ISM. To meet this requirement, please download the LiveScan form (or obtain one from the front office), complete the "Applicant Information" section in full, and bring the completed form and a photo ID with you to a LiveScan provider office (listed here).

NOTE: The following forms of ID are acceptable: valid state driver's license, state ID cards, military ID's, green cards, and passports. The following are unacceptable: Mexican consular ID's, school ID's, or ID's with holes in them. If you are unable to provide proper identification at the time of your appointment, you will not be fingerprinted.

2. Volunteer Driver Application & Pledge Form

As a fieldtrip driver, you will provide a highly valued service to ISM students. The availability of volunteer drivers allows ISM to plan exciting off-campus learning opportunities that greatly enrich the student experience. However, that enrichment cannot come at the cost of student safety. Ensuring the safety of students, and all participants, on every trip is paramount. Toward that end, we require that all volunteer drivers submit an online application and pledge form.

Please understand that this form must be completed, submitted, and approved by administration in order to participate as a driver.

3. Online Defensive Driving Course

At the request of our insurance provider, we require that you complete a short defensive online driving course every three years on the SafeSchools website. Your can start the process with online course self-registration.

To complete the self-registration, please create a user name of your first initial of your first name and first four letters of your last name and a password of your choice.  In addition, at the SELECT YOUR BUILDING prompt, please click to choose INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF MONTEREY as the relevant building.

All parent volunteers have been assigned the mandatory Defensive Driving (CA Full Course) to complete and will be "greeted" with this course upon entering the site.  Then, once you have completed all sections of the course, it will record your completion for verification purposes. You can do this anytime, anywhere, using any computer and web browser. The entire process will take you 20-25 minutes to complete.

4. Documents in Hand

Because state law requires that you have your license, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance with you whenever you drive, we have the teacher in charge of each trip check to ensure that you have these documents in your possession at the time of each fieldtrip. Because the status of your license, registration, and insurance might change at any time, we do not keep these required documents on file.

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