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Dorian Young

K-12 PYP/MYP Performing Arts Instructor

Who I am as a teacher:

  • Provide a structured framework that promotes student collaboration, creativity, artistry, and mindful originality
  • Develop curious “life-long learners,” and promote the long-term development and success of each individual student
  • Present students with challenging, entertaining, confidence-building, memorable, and relevant performing arts/musical curriculum and high-quality instructional resources - expose students to world-wide performing arts and musical traditions and performances spanning the globe
  • Promote powerful family and community engagement to fully/completely support students and enhance their total academic-creative-experience
  • Help students to achieve artistic and academic goals, explore potential career pathways, and  develop students into responsible, caring citizens of the world
  • Utilize a whole child [student centered] approach - in which each student is healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged
  • Imbue each/every class with passion, purpose, perspective, and a sense of humor
Dorian Young, K-12 PYP/MYP Performing Arts Instructor