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Dispute Resolution

Within Element 14 of the ISM Charter, the ISM Board of Trustees has adopted the following policies and processes for resolving complaints and disputes. 


ISM Internal Dispute Resolution Process

The objective of the ISM Dispute Resolution Process is to have school community members resolve issues in-house in an amicable and fair manner whenever possible. School community members include the director, administrators, students, teachers, parents, volunteers, advisers, community members, partners, and collaborators. 

  1. One should first attempt to discuss one's conflict with the people directly involved even if difficult and try to resolve it before proceeding any further.

  2. If there is a direct conflict between students and direct discussion cannot resolve the situation, students should use peers to help resolve the conflict.
  3. In the event that peer mediation does not resolve the conflict, students should use a teacher or administrator to resolve the conflict as a mediator.
  4. If a conflict arises involving a teacher, a party should contact either an administrator or another mutually agreeable teacher to listen to the facts and resolve the conflict.
  5. If the conflict involves the Director or other administrator, a party should contact either a mutually agreeable teacher or administrator to help resolve the conflict.
  6. In the event that the dispute involving the Director or other administrator is not resolved, a party should contact the Chair of the Board of Trustees for further action. The Director or other involved individual should know in advance of this action.
  7. If a dispute involves a parent, similar procedures should be used. If unsuccessful, the parent should contact the Director for further action.
  8. School community members will avoid contacting the School District and its governing board regarding a conflict at ISM until they have exhausted and documented all of the relevant procedures listed above. In the event the District receives a complaint about ISM, it will promptly forward the complaint to the Charter School for investigation and resolution.
  9. The governing board of the Monterey Peninsula Unified School District agrees to refer all complaints regarding the school's operations to the ISM Director for resolution in accordance with the Charter School's adopted policies. Parents, students, board members, volunteers, and staff at the Charter School will be provided with a copy of ISM’s policies and dispute resolution process and will agree to work within it. In the event that ISM’s adopted policies and processes fail to resolve the dispute, the District governing board agrees not to intervene in the dispute without the consent of the Charter School’s governing board unless the matter directly relates to one of the reasons specified in law for which a charter may be revoked.

Uniform Complaint Procedures

The ISM Board of Trustees has adopted a Uniform Complaint Procedures Policy that complies with Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations, Section 4600 et. seq. and other applicable state and federal laws and regulations. This policy provides a uniform system of complaint processing for complaints of discrimination and failure to comply with state or federal laws and regulations.

Any individual, public agency, or organization may file a written complaint of alleged noncompliance by ISM. ISM provides a Uniform Complaint Form for the filing of complaints, and all complainants must use that form. The ISM staff will assist any complainant unable to put a complaint in writing or complete the form due to conditions such as disability or illiteracy.

Last updated February 8, 2016 by director