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Past Director Welcomes

2001-2007 Director

Founding Director

From the Director

Sean Madden, ISM DirectorMost mornings, I stand out in front of the school to greet arriving students. In the process, I make my first important assessment of the day: How many look excited for school? Then, whenever I walk into a classroom during the day, I make a couple more quick assessments: How many students seem engaged in the learning process? How many have smiles on their faces or exude energy indicating that learning is fun for them? On all three of these instant assessments, here at the International School of Monterey, the scales consistently tip toward 100 percent!

Conclusion… our committed families, amazing teachers, inquiry-based teaching and learning, and rich curriculum have created a school community and environment where kids love to come and learn. Nothing is more important! Regardless of their immediate success, students excited to learn will become lifelong learners who will control their own ongoing success.

Grounded in our mission to “educate all children toward becoming conscientious, compassionate, and responsible citizens of the world,” we have built something very special here at the International School of Monterey. Our teachers and staff deserve great credit. I believe we have the best instructional staff anywhere, and those quick classroom visits to see teachers and aides truly connecting with kids confirm it. Our support staff shines equally, working for kids every minute of the day by maintaining the operations and infrastructure necessary for teachers and students to thrive. Altogether, our staff serves as the best imaginable resource to our students and their families.

Our families deserve immense credit, too. They have served as our founders, board members, fundraisers, planners, supporters, and volunteers. Each ISM family works together to provide a tripod of support, working actively together to ensure the academic success of the students, completing family hours of service to the school, and contributing financially as able to help bridge the gap between what state funding provides and the actual costs of delivering our enhanced curriculum and instruction. Our staff knows that teaching students who come from their homes prepared to learn each day and who get the best possible home support makes all the difference in our ability to succeed in our jobs. So, we appreciate our committed families as our most important and best imaginable resource.

Together our students, families, and staff work together as a community strongly committed to our mission and our vision of “a world of understanding.” By living our mission each day and striving to create a world of understanding on our campus and in our homes, we collectively help students develop the international understanding, skills, and attitudes needed to contribute productively toward creating a global world of understanding throughout their lives. We firmly believe that our mission and vision only become possible through the full commitment of each family and staff member as active participants in the educational process throughout their time here. If you are ready to make that commitment, ISM will fit you well!

—Sean Madden, ISM Director, 2009-present