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Cristina Sierra

Kindergarten PYP Instructor

Who I am as a teacher:

  • “I am responsible for me.” 
  • ”What if everybody did that?”
  • I believe creating a positive learning environment & respectful class culture provides a foundation where students are willing to work and invest in their own educational experience. A student that can see their value, can envision their purpose which fosters their goals and dreams for the future. 
  • I love finding ways to implement creativity into any subject.  When students have an opportunity to use creativity in learning, it brings both smiles and accomplishment as well as perseverance through learning challenges.  
  • I enjoy the inquisitive nature of science as well as finding ways to bring science to life for my students regularly as the frameworks permit.  
  • I have been teaching in early childhood programs locally for 16 years.  I have taught, directed and developed Shoreline Preschool, Monterey Campus for the last 11 years. 
  • I have experience working with military and transitional families, as well as local families in the community, from a variety of social and cultural backgrounds. I have worked with students who recently relocated from Jordan, Korea, and Vietnam, before entering preschool for the first time. I understand the importance of developing positive relationships students and their families from a variety of linguistic and cultural backgrounds.  
  • Relationships are key. Students respond positively when they know I am committed to investing in them. They see that I care but have an understanding that I hold a high expectation because I believe in them and what they are capable of.
  • I really enjoy encouraging students to work through learning and social challenges.  I have found the formula for helping most students process through difficulties is a balance of strong boundaries, love and patience
Cristina Sierra, Kindergarten PYP Instructor