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As a nonprofit corporation, ISM is governed by a Board of Trustees committed to promoting and upholding the mission and vision of the school. The Board exercises final authority on all school matters including approving all major educational and operational policies, approving all major contracts, adopting the school's annual budget, overseeing ISM's fiscal and legal affairs, hiring and evaluating the Director, and ensuring the long-term viability of the school.

Current Trustees

Kevin Brookhouser, Chair ~ English, Humanities, and Technology Instructor, York School

Kate Mitchell Mehle, Vice Chair [parent] ~ Director of Development, Big Sur Land Trust
Camilla Mann, Secretary [alumni parent] ~ Owner, Culinary Cam
Sameer Bakhda, M.D. [parent] ~ Physician, Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula
Lauren Cohen, [parent] ~ Executive Director, Monterey County Youth Museum

Ebony Glover, [parent] ~

Fana Oldfield, Finance Officer, York School ~
Niko Garbacz, MIIS Alumni ~


Founding Board Members

Other Past Board Members

Lisa deMondesir Kera Abraham Panni
Linda Dormody Patricia Adura-Miranda

Margaret Elwanger

John Bailey

Gordon Freedman Allison Barrientos
Bob Infelise Lynn Bentaleb
Keith Krone Cristofer Cabanillas

Robert Landau

Paul Gaucher

Dorothy Lank

Justine Geisler

Fred Miller

Prashant Gupta

Kathryn Poling

Chris Hasegawa

Joanne Storkan

Bobbie Infelise

Ingrid Tower Valerie Josephson

Kaustubh Khandelwal


Rob Lee


Sean Madden


Grant Miles


Cary Neiman


Marian Penn


Sunder Ramaswamy


Christine Reed


Alastair Rodd


Tim Ruediger


Chrissie Sorenson (Jahn)


Kelly Sorenson


Chris Steinbruner


John Tilley


Mike Whilden


Plasha Fielding Will


Steve Young