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Patricia Adura-Miranda

Patricia is the first American-born child of parents who fled political persecution in Brazil. Early in life, she challenged herself to push her own boundaries. She started wrestling in 8th grade— despite being the only girl on the team—and blazed a path for herself in the sport. She advanced to Stanford University's Division I Men's Wrestling Team, and on to the Olympics, where she won a bronze medal in 2004, and made history as the first American medalist in women’s wrestling.

Today, Patricia is an attorney specializing in immigration law at Miranda Magden & Miranda LLP in Salinas and Monterey. She holds degrees in economics and international policy studies from Stanford University, and a JD from Yale Law School. In court, she draws on the inner strength she cultivated as a wrestler, knowing that people’s lives may depend on her courage.

Of the IB Learner Profile attributes, Patricia deeply values “Reflective.” The key to self-improvement, she says, is the ability to be internally honest and accountable, combined with the wisdom that grows from empathizing with many different perspectives. Patricia is proud to serve the ISM mission to educate all children toward becoming conscientious, compassionate, and responsible citizens of the world.

~ Bio written by ISM Trustee Kera Abraham Panni

ISM Trustee Patricia Adura-Miranda